Balance & Buzz was created to acquire and retain customers in a personalized manner, providing unbeatable brand management and growth for all types of businesses.

We are committed to delivering unmatched results for every client we partner with. Our Account Executives plan and execute live marketing strategies that consistently produce results that far exceed the goals we set. We are dedicated to keep every client we work with ahead of the game.


Our company delivers live marketing techniques via promotional event marketing campaigns. Today, we lead the way within the Chicago area in outsourced marketing, specifically for our innovative marketing campaigns. This year we have already opened branches in the Denver area and we are looking to open 3 new locations in 2020, continuing growth for our clients and our company.


Our goal is to expand into new office space around the country so we can provide our clients with growth opportunities and increase their overall revenue. By maintaining our status as the leaders in our industry this allows us to always be in demand by our clients and for us to deliver for their needs.

Here at Balance & Buzz we will expand to 15 new locations by the end of 2022.